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Our mission is to provide young hockey players with the knowledge and skills required to become the most efficient skaters and players possible. 

What's New at Superior Stride?

2024 Summer Camps

Our 2024 summer camp in Thunder Bay is booked, and we eagerly await the confirmation of ice time for our Kenora summer camp!

Our Thunder Bay summer camp has also been booked, and will run Aug 26-29 at the FWFN Arena (rink 2). Again, there are only 26 participants per session so be sure to register early!

The Kenora summer camp has been scheduled to run Aug 16-18 at the Keewatin Arena. The exact session times are not yet confirmed by the City of Kenora, but once they are confirmed we will inform all registrants. There are only 26 players per session, so be sure to monitor for when the registration opens up!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the rink very soon!!!

Why Choose Superior Stride?

Superior Stride Power Skating is dedicated to the skating and skill development of young hockey players in North Western Ontario. We believe in no 'frills or gimmicks', just knowledge, hard work and a commitment to always be better. When considering hockey schools, Power Skating should be the primary focus of any decision you make. Here is why you should choose Superior Stride...

Affordable Prices

We recognize that playing hockey is expensive and it is our goal to offer high quality instruction at affordable prices. We also offer Family discounts to further ease the financial strain on parents.

Experienced Instruction

Power Skating Coach Craig Priestlay will run all sessions. Craig, a former player at both the CIS (Canadian Inter-University Sport) and WHL (Western Hockey League) levels, brings over 20 years of experience in coaching power skating. 

Guaranteed Results!


Between your son/daughters hard work and our professional instruction, we guarantee they will become a more effiecient skater!


With the rule changes in today's game of hockey, skating has become the most important skill required to play the sport competitively. Coaches and Scouts alike agree that skating ability is the first thing they look for when choosing players. Sadly, skating is often over looked by young aspiring hockey players and has become the least trained skill in hockey. Players spend countless hours training in a gym, however gone are the days where size and skill alone would get you to the next level. It should also be noted that because of the unconventional movement of skating, there is nothing that can train skating except actually being on the ice, thus we believe players need to balance their training and incorporate power skating into their schedules.

Like being in a gym, there is no 'quick fix'. You can not take one lesson and master the skill of skating. In truth, skating is a skill that requires years of hard work and dedication. Players serious about playing at the next level must put time and effort into improving their skating as it is your skating ability that is directly responsible for the improvement of every other skill in hockey! For instance, you can not improve your slap shot without first concentrating on your balance, edge control and transfer of weight; they are directly linked. In short, your skating ability controls your overall skill level.


Wayne Gretzky has said, "If you can't skate, you can't play our sport", and how right he is!

Power Skating Camps

Improve your overall game by focussing on your technical skating skills! Increasing your efficiency on the ice should be your number one priority in any off-season training program. Our camps will give you the technical skating skills you need to excel in your upcoming season! 

There are only 25 spots available per age sure to register today!

Kenora - Aug 16-18 (Keewatin Arena)
Thunder Bay - Aug 26 - 29 (FWFN Arena)


On-Ice Private Lessons

These one-on-one sessions are specifically designed for the individual player and their skating technique needs.

On-Ice Small Group Lessons

Get together with a few teammates and/or friends for work on your skating technique.

Team Lessons

Get the upper edge on your competition this season. Superior Stride will come to your regularly scheduled practice and work with the entire team on their skating technique.

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